Obama to say 'Aloha,' will leave for Hawaii on Friday afternoon

President Obama can finally say, "Aloha."

With the payroll tax extension fight behind him (at least for now), Obama will be joining his family in Hawaii for the Christmas holiday, the White House said on Friday.

The president is set to leave the White House Friday afternoon for Honolulu — arriving in time for dinner — and is expected to stay there for the remainder of the year.

Obama, who was originally supposed to leave for Hawaii a week ago, put off the trip until Congress passed the payroll tax bill and he could sign it into law. First lady Michelle ObamaMichelle ObamaMichelle Obama holds fitness 'bootcamps' for friends Obama marks Father’s Day: ‘I'm most proud to be Sasha and Malia's dad’ Obamas invited to be honorary football coach at University of Michigan MORE and their daughters arrived there on Saturday.

For weeks, the president insisted that Congress stay in town to pass the tax extension. Otherwise, Obama lightly threatened, "We can all spend Christmas together."

When House GOP leaders refused to pass the Senate's bipartisan compromise, Obama remained in town and aides implied that he had no plans to leave until he could sign the bill.

Obama, who did a little Christmas shopping this week, will have presents for the family when he arrives. He'll also have Bo — the family's dog — with him.

He bought his daughters a Wii video game, "Just Dance 3," and was spotted with a pair of $50 iTunes cards.