Obama takes smaller plane to get to Miami

With President Obama traveling to Miami on Thursday to give a high-profile speech on the gas-pump spike, some thought he might be sending a message by traveling on a smaller plane to get there.

Reporters traveling with Obama to the Sunshine State questioned White House press secretary Jay Carney on why they were flying on a 757 and not the mighty 747 Air Force One the president typically uses.

But Carney said the smaller plane has "absolutely nothing to do" with Obama's energy speech and said the 747 bird was undergoing "scheduled maintenance ... that ran long." 

"That's my understanding from the military office," he said. "But we're just going to be a little more cozy today."

Carney said the president's travels "are determined by the Air Force and by the Secret Service." Obama has used the smaller plane on trips where airports have shorter runways. He also used a similar plane when he traveled with the first lady to New York in 2009.