Obama hasn't spoken to Secret Service director about prostitution incident

President Obama hasn't yet spoken to Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan about the recent prostitution incident in Colombia, but he still has "confidence" in the agency chief, White House press secretary Jay Carney said.

During a briefing dominated by questions on the incident, Carney told reporters on Thursday that even though Obama hasn't spoken to Sullivan, senior officials have been in contact with him.

"I wouldn't read anything into that," he said, adding that Obama has "faith" in Sullivan.

The White House spokesman reiterated that Obama has "high regard" and "great appreciation" for the Secret Service and the work its agents do.

"That's not to excuse any behavior or activity that was inappropriate," he said.

Carney added that the Secret Service "has made clear that with regard to this incident ... the president's security was never compromised."

Three secret service agents allegedly involved in the prostitution scandal in Colombia are leaving the law enforcement agency.

One supervisor will retire, another supervisor is being "removed for cause" and a third uniformed agent will resign, the agency announced Wednesday evening.

The other 8 agents allegedly involved in the scandal are still under investigation with their security clearances suspended while on administrative leave.

Obama's trip to Colombia last week was overshadowed by allegations that 11 Secret Service agents partied before the president's arrival and brought prostitutes back to their hotel rooms.