Obama enlists Clinton for tag-team event touting healthcare law

President Obama will join former President Bill ClintonBill ClintonWe must act now and pass the American Health Care Act Trump's message: Russia First or America First? Senate Democrats should grill Judge Gorsuch on antitrust. Here's how. MORE in New York next Tuesday for an event to tout the president's healthcare law.

White House press secretary Jay Carney billed the conversation as "part up a ramped up education effort" ahead of the launch of the state-based insurance markets where uninsured Americans will be able to purchase coverage.

Carney noted that the event "will take place one week before the health insurance exchanges open for business" and called the event a "follow-up" to a speech Clinton gave earlier this month in Little Rock, Ark.

In that speech, Clinton — once described by Obama as the "secretary of explaining stuff” — called on Republicans to aid in implementation rather than attempt to undermine the law.

“We all get paid to show up for work, and we need all hands on deck here,” he said. “The health of our people, the security and stability of our families, and the strength of our economy are all riding on getting healthcare reform right and doing it well.” 

“It seems to me that the benefits of reform can’t be fully realized and the problems certainly can’t be solved unless both the supporters and the opponents of the original legislation work together to implement it and address the issues that arise any time you change a system this complex,” he said. 

“There are always drafting errors, unintended consequences, unanticipated issues.  We’re going to do better working together and learning together than we will trying over and over to repeal a law or rooting for reform to fail.” 

At the same time, congressional Republicans are pressing forward with legislation that would condition keeping the government open on stripping funding for ObamaCare. The White House has threatened to veto such legislation, and Senate Democrats have also vowed to oppose such a measure.

The president will attend the event with Clinton after meeting with world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly earlier in the week.