Trump invites leaders of Thailand, Singapore to White House

Trump invites leaders of Thailand, Singapore to White House
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President Trump invited the leaders of Thailand and Singapore to the White House, according to two White House statements released Sunday.

In a phone call, Trump and Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha reaffirmed their countries' commitment to one another and underscored their mutual desire for "peace and stability in the the Asia-Pacific region," according to the readout from the White House.

Trump and Prayut also "expressed a strong shared interest in strengthening the trade and economic ties between the two countries."


Trump also pledged his administration's commitment to "playing an active and leading role in Asia, in close cooperation with partners and allies like Thailand."

Trump and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore also affirmed their commitment to their alliance in a separate phone call, the White House said. 

"This partnership is marked by thriving trade and investment, robust security cooperation, and close collaboration on regional and global challenges," the White House said. 

Trump invited the Singapore leader to the White House in order "to further strengthen ties."

Trump's invitation of these two leaders come amid escalating tensions with North Korea, which is causing concern in the region.