Aide: Trump doesn't want to 'get in the way' during Texas trip

Aide: Trump doesn't want to 'get in the way' during Texas trip
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Homeland security adviser Tom Bossert on Sunday said President Trump will visit Texas as soon as possible to show his support in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

"We'll go where we can without getting in the way of the operators. We certainly wouldn't go in a place where we would prevent life-saving activities from taking place," Bossert said on ABC's "This Week."

"The president wants to go to show his support. He doesn't want to go to get in the way, and he's been very clear about that."

Bossert added Trump will travel to Texas "as soon as he can."

Trump tweeted on Sunday that he would be going to Texas as soon as the trip could be "made without causing disruption."

The president added the main focus "must be life and safety."

The storm — which made landfall in Texas on Friday night as a Category 4 storm before it was downgraded — resulted in at least five deaths.

At least 14 other people have been injured, according to The Associated Press.

Severe flooding is reported in Houston and other towns in southeast Texas and hundreds of thousands of people remain without power.