Trump won’t meet with American Nobel Prize winners

Trump won’t meet with American Nobel Prize winners

President Trump will not meet with the American Nobel laureates this year, Stat News reported.

The decision breaks with that of past presidents, who have met with the American Nobel Prize winners nearly every year since 2001.

Two American Nobel Prize winners told Stat News they didn't plan to go to the White House if there was an event.


Columbia biophysicist Joachim Frank said he was "relieved" he wouldn't see the president.

“I will not put my foot into the White House as long as Trump, [Vice President] Pence, or [Speaker Paul] Ryan (i.e., the possible succession of impeachments) will occupy it,” Frank told Stat.

“I cannot speak for the others; don’t know them personally yet, but I strongly believe that as thinking intelligent people they will have a similar attitude as I.”

The White House said Trump wouldn't meet with the recipients in person because of foreign travel. Trump has been traveling through Asia and is expected to return late Tuesday.

In the past, during the presidencies of Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaOvernight Energy: Dems ask Pruitt to justify first-class travel | Obama EPA chief says reg rollback won't stand | Ex-adviser expects Trump to eventually rejoin Paris accord Overnight Regulation: Trump to take steps to ban bump stocks | Trump eases rules on insurance sold outside of ObamaCare | FCC to officially rescind net neutrality Thursday | Obama EPA chief: Reg rollback won't stand Ex-US ambassador: Mueller is the one who is tough on Russia MORE and George W. Bush, the White House held an event for the award recipients nearly every year.

This year, the White House is sending Michael Kratsios, Trump’s top political appointee in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, to a reception Tuesday at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, which most of the laureates are expected to attend. 

France Cordova, the director of the National Science Foundation and an annual presence at the embassy’s event, will also go the event, Stat News reported.