Florida school shooting survivor to Trump: Active shooter training saved lives

Florida school shooting survivor to Trump: Active shooter training saved lives

A survivor of the Florida high school shooting is calling for President TrumpDonald John TrumpScarborough mocks 'Deflection Don' over transgender troop ban Pelosi condemns Trump's 'cowardly, disgusting' ban on transgender troops Trump moves to ban most transgender people from serving in military MORE to reconsider his position regarding active shooter drills, arguing that training saves lives.

Carson Abt, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, praised her teachers in in a New York Times op-ed for the way they responded when a gunman opened fire at her high school earlier this month.

"My teachers are the light. Through a combination of training and determination, they calmed the fear of some and saved the lives of others," she wrote.

"When schools across the country lower their flags and share our darkness, they should also share our light. Maybe heroism can’t be taught, but preparedness certainly can be. Every teacher should have training for a school shooting like mine did."

Abt's comments come after Trump last week said he believed active shooter drills were a "very negative thing."

"I don't like it," he said during a meeting with local officials on school safety.

"I'd much rather have a hardened school ... I think it's crazy. I think it's very hard on children."

The White House later said that Trump supports the drills, but dislikes their name because he sees it as a bad "brand" that scares children.

In the op-ed, Abt said teachers remained calm and provided "order in a moment of chaos" during the shooting

She said that her teachers underwent a training session on what to do in active shooter situations, including locking the doors and turning off the lights in their classrooms and counting their students, several weeks ago. The teachers then shared the information with their students.

"My teachers’ training saved lives," Abt wrote.

"Teachers frantically yelled for their students to go back into classrooms, saving some who were unknowingly running toward the shooter."

She said that active shooter training is not a "panacea to end school shootings," but is an important part of keeping schools safe.

"Everyone should see that active-shooter training should be part of a program to address school shootings," she wrote.

She then urged Trump to talk with governors about increasing the amount of training and drills for active shooter scenarios.

"I ask him to think about my story," she wrote. "I ask him to reconsider his position on this issue."