Celebrity endorsements in the 2012 presidential campaign: Page 17 of 45

altActor Nick Searcy 

The star of FX's "Justified" made a YouTube video in September supporting Herman Cain called "He Carried Yellow Flowers." In it, Searcy said: “Herman Cain is a real leader. He’s accomplished real things in the real world … created real businesses that provided real jobs for real people. In 2012, let’s get real for a change, people. Take a real look at Herman Cain. I think you’ll like what you see. Kind of like when you watch one of my films.” Cain tweeted a link to the video, saying he was "honored" by Searcy's endorsement.

Backing the GOP:

Stephen Baldwin | Pat Boone | Dean Cain | Russell Crowe | Jon Cryer
Clint Eastwood | Kelsey Grammer | Producer Craig Haffner | Vanilla Ice 
Retired speed skater Dan Jansen | Author Dean Koontz | Barry Manilow 
Dennis Miller | Chuck Norris | Wayne Newton | Nick Searcy | Gene Simmons 
Gary Sinise | Doug Stanhope | Ben Stein | Janine Turner | Vince Vaughn 
Jon Voight | Hank Williams Jr.

Backing Democrats:
George Clooney | Ari Emanuel | Will Ferrell | Jamie Foxx | Morgan Freeman 
Lady Gaga | Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas | Tom Hanks 
Scarlett Johansson | Rashida Jones | Jeffrey Katzenberg | Eva Longoria 
Gwyneth Paltrow | Sarah Jessica Parker | Julia Roberts | Will Smith 
Steven Spielberg | Harvey Weinstein | Oprah Winfrey | Anna Wintour