Clinton: Trump’s rhetoric ‘destructive’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonBiden slams Trump over golf gif hitting Clinton Overnight Cybersecurity: Equifax hit by earlier hack | What to know about Kaspersky controversy | Officials review EU-US privacy pact Overnight Tech: Equifax hit by earlier undisclosed hack | Facebook takes heat over Russian ads | Alt-right Twitter rival may lose domain MORE said on Monday that her GOP rival Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpBiden slams Trump over golf gif hitting Clinton Trump Jr. declines further Secret Service protection: report Report: Mueller warned Manafort to expect an indictment MORE is speaking harmful rhetoric on the 2016 campaign trail.

“I am watching this with some concern because I think a lot of what he has said has been really inflammatory and destructive,” Clinton told host Mario Lopez on “Extra,” a syndicated talk show.

“He has not put forward any real policies,” she said of Trump. “He has made a lot of claims, and I think it may reflect on the Republican side some of the pent-up frustration that they have.

“I’m going to let them deal with however they choose their nominee, but I am certainly looking forward, if he were the nominee, to debating him in the general election,” Clinton added of Trump, the front-runner for the GOP’s 2016 coronation. “There’s a lot to talk about, starting with his really outrageous statements about immigration.”

Clinton also addressed rapper Kanye West’s boast last month that he is launching his own White House run in 2020.

“Well, if I’m going to for my second term, [I would ask him] to wait for four years,” she quipped of the “Yeezus” star. “If I’m not, be sure he has comfortable shoes because there’s a lot of walking involved.”

Clinton also praised Kim Kardashian, West’s reality television star wife, during her interview Monday afternoon.

“I really found her to be warm and personable,” she said of Kardashian, citing their recent meeting in Los Angeles.

“I think all of us in our own ways can be inspiration or aspirational for people,” Clinton added. “I certainly think many people see her as someone who gets up every day and tries to figure out how to make that day successful.”

Clinton’s remarks come as her support in the Democratic presidential primary is gradually eroding across multiple national polls.

Voters are concerned that the former secretary of State prevented accountability and jeopardized national security by using a private email server at the agency.

Clinton dismissed criticisms that she is untrustworthy during her discussion with Lopez on Monday afternoon.

“Well, I think people can trust me to fight for them and fight for their families,” she said. “I have a long track record of standing up and really working hard to help people solve their problems to have better lives.”

“I did it as first lady, I did it as a senator, I did it as secretary of State [and] I would do it again as president,” added Clinton, the front-runner for next year’s Democratic presidential coronation.