Edwards blasts Coulter, comes to Obama’s aid

Presidential hopeful John Edwards Wednesday strongly criticized conservative pundit Ann Coulter for remarks she made about Edwards’s main rival for the Democratic nomination — Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.).

Coulter told Fox News that a poll showing Obama beating the top Republican presidential contenders was fabricated and could help al Qaeda, according to the Associated Press.

“Just when we thought Ann Coulter couldn’t take the politics of personal destruction any lower, she proved us wrong,” Edwards said. “Her outrageous comments are inexcusable and should not be tolerated in the public dialogue.”

Edwards had his own brush with Coulter earlier this year when she used a gay slur to describe the former North Carolina senator.

He argued that President Bush’s war on terror has “created a climate where people think it is OK to use the threat of terrorism as a guise for hateful political attacks.”