Former Edwards aide shows video, other evidence to ABC to back up new book

Andrew Young, the former personal aide to 2004 Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards, produced evidence on Friday that appears to confirm certain disputed elements of his just-released memoir about Edwards, The Politician.

Much of the memoir concerns Edwards's extramarital affair with videographer Rielle Hunter from 2006-08, and Young has home videos, voicemail recordings and photos that seem to support his account of an elaborate and expensive cover-up of the relationship, which produced a daughter born in early 2008.

Edwards, a former Democratic senator from North Carolina and a 2008 presidential primary candidate, denied paternity of the child until this month.

Among these are photos and home video of a visibly pregnant Hunter, who Young says lived with him and his wife, Sheri, in the latter stages of her pregnancy and shortly after the birth of her daughter. The visual evidence seems to support this claim.

Young's memoir is due to be released Saturday, and audio and video of Edwards, Hunter, and Young were spliced into an hourlong interview he and his wife gave to ABC's "20/20."

During the interview aired Friday night, Young also addressed long-running rumors of the existence of a sex tape of Edwards and Hunter. He says the tape definitely exists, and he first found it in a box of trash in a house Hunter once lived in. The couple said the tape shows Edwards with a woman who is wearing the same bracelets as Hunter did at the time, but whose face cannot be clearly seen.

On Friday, Hunter filed a restraining order against Young and his wife in an attempt to prevent the release of a video that court documents describe only as "of a very personal and private nature."

The interview also raises serious questions about Edwards's campaign finances, which are themselves the subject of a separate and ongoing investigation.

Also mentioned in the ABC broadcast were the hundreds of thousands of dollars in checks allegedly written by longtime Edwards backer Bunny Mellon, the Upperville, Va.-based widow of philanthropist Paul Mellon. Young said the checks were sometimes delivered inside boxes of chocolates.

Young attests that it was Mellon's largesse, as well as that of another longtime Edwards funder, the late Fred Baron, that paid for Young, his wife, and Hunter to stay in five-star hotels and rent villas all over the country, all in order to avoid detection by the media during Edwards's presidential campaign.

To support this, Young has a home video taken on Christmas Day of 2007 at Baron's Aspen, Colo., ski house. In it, a pregnant Hunter asks one of Young's very young children whether he got a "cell phone" for Christmas. The child says "yes," and holds up the gift. Young says Baron paid for the extravagant presents.

On a separate voicemail message, Edwards can be heard telling Young he's just had a "wonderful conversation with Bunny [Mellon]," and that her funding can be counted on going forward.

Young and his wife acknowledged to ABC that they were willing participants in the cover-up, but they stress that Edwards pressured them by saying that his wife, Elizabeth, who was diagnosed with incurable cancer in the fall of 2007, was dying, and he did not want her to die knowing of his affair.

Elizabeth Edwards confirmed last week that she and her husband are legally separated, and she is reportedly planning to file for divorce.