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Chuck Rocha, contributor - 09/09/16 09:28 AM EDT
“My culture is a very dominant culture,” proclaimed Mexican-born Marco Gutierrez on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes,” last week. Gutierrez, who is the co-founder of Latinos for Trump, added, “If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have...
Krishna Gall, contributor - 09/02/16 10:23 AM EDT
Paul Wolfowitz, architect of the Iraq War, announced this past weekend his intention to vote for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Wolfowitz joins a growing number of high profile neoconservatives that have crossed the political DMZ to...
Salena Zito, contributor - 08/17/16 03:24 PM EDT
JOHNSTOWN — News of a wave election sweeping the country that would upend the Republican majority in the House is greatly exaggerated.Even out here in the weakened Democratic stronghold of Cambria County, Pennsylvania.In fact, there is no evidence...
Alexandra Jaffe - 07/30/14 06:00 AM EDT
Record-low primary election turnout is threatening to magnify Democratic midterm worries. Both parties have made their “get out the vote” programs a top priority for November, investing millions in building bigger ground operations earlier than...
Pat Bergeron, contributor - 09/06/16 11:30 AM EDT
BATON ROUGE, La. — In Louisiana, the race to replace the outgoing-Sen. David Vitter is heating up and proving to be a gumbo of possibilities that is baffling pollsters and political observers alike.Vitter, who is retiring following his defeat in...
Richard Greene, contributor - 08/26/16 09:28 AM EDT
The entertainment value of the reality show called “Election 2016” is almost addictive — the personalities, the verbal catfights, the name calling, the inevitable daily train wreck or car crash. It’s The Kardashians meets The Apprentice meets NASCAR...
Norman Solomon, contributor - 08/01/16 09:32 AM EDT
Dear Secretary Clinton:Like most of the other Bernie Sanders delegates at the national convention last week, I don’t trust you. At the same time, we have a common interest in defeating Donald Trump. That ought to be the basis for a tactical alliance...
Cameron Joseph - 07/10/14 06:00 AM EDT
The ghost of the late Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye (D) might not be enough to put Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D) in the Senate.Hanabusa is challenging Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), the state’s former lieutenant governor who was appointed to Inouye’s seat in...

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