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Debra Cleaver, contributor - 10/23/16 09:19 AM EDT
Need to sign for your new home mortgage? You can do that online. Want to apply for new credit card line? You can also do that online. Registering to vote? Not so fast. In a world simplified by the internet -- we sign into our bank accounts with...
Arlanda Williams, contributor - 10/18/16 02:03 PM EDT
Late last month, the Louisiana NAACP held their 74th Annual Convention and Leadership conference in Houma, not far from where I live. I was there in my capacity as Councilwoman for Terrebonne Parish, and as a member of the parent organization....
Pat Bergeron, contributor - 10/17/16 10:41 AM EDT
In Louisiana, the race to replace David Vitter in the United States Senate continues to be a gumbo of possibilities.With 24 candidates all competing on Election Day for one of the coveted top-two finishes needed to emerge from our so-called “jungle...
Chuck Rocha, contributor - 09/09/16 09:28 AM EDT
“My culture is a very dominant culture,” proclaimed Mexican-born Marco Gutierrez on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes,” last week. Gutierrez, who is the co-founder of Latinos for Trump, added, “If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have...
Bryan Dean Wright, contributor - 10/19/16 04:51 PM EDT
On Tuesday, Republican nominee Donald Trump called for ethics reform in Washington DC, with term limits serving as the centerpiece of his focus. Yet the same day, fresh polling showed how unlikely it is he’ll get the chance to implement this...
Noah Bryant Ballard, contributors - 10/17/16 02:12 PM EDT
Donald Trump is going to lose.The Republican nominee’s presidential campaign is in a fiery freefall, and his once-slim chances at victory are now non-existent. With allegations of sexual misconduct emerging by the hour, the major question has now...
Scott McLean, contributor - 10/16/16 12:47 PM EDT
My neighbor asked me last weekend, “why isn’t this election over?” My answer: “It has been over for a long time -- in 39 states.” Ever since Reagan’s 1984 landslide win, the number of truly competitive state contests for the presidency has been...
Pat Bergeron, contributor - 09/06/16 11:30 AM EDT
BATON ROUGE, La. — In Louisiana, the race to replace the outgoing-Sen. David Vitter is heating up and proving to be a gumbo of possibilities that is baffling pollsters and political observers alike.Vitter, who is retiring following his defeat in...

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