Hoyer defends Dems’ budget document as ‘meaningful’

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) defended the Democrats’ budget enforcement resolution on Tuesday, saying it was a “meaningful” action even though it fell short of a complete five-year budget blueprint.

Democrats embedded a one-year budget document in a broader supplemental appropriations bill they passed shortly before leaving for the July 4 recess. Republicans have accused the majority party of shirking a key responsibility of governing by not passing a full budget.

“I believe the budget enforcement resolution was in fact a very meaningful action taken by the Congress. This was not some superficial action without meaning,” Hoyer said, noting that the resolution sets discretionary spending at lower levels than requested by President Barack Obama.

“For anybody to pretend that we haven’t taken action on a budget is incorrect,” Hoyer said.

The majority leader said he would have preferred a full five-year budget, including a deficit projection, but he acknowledged the political peril of enacting one in an election year. Democrats have noted that while Republicans controlled Congress they also did not pass full budgets during election years.