Boehner anticipates 'nice conversation' with Obama at White House

The presumptive Speaker of the 112th Congress, Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), anticipates having a "nice conversation" with President Obama next week at the White House.

The meeting on Nov. 18 will be the first face-to-face sitdown between Obama and the highest ranking House Republican since voters elected the GOP to majority control of the lower chamber last week.

The president spoke to Boehner on the phone last Wednesday when he called to congratulate him on the Republican Party's election victory. Obama has pledged to find "common ground" with the GOP to "move the country forward" during the next Congress. 

The White House meeting will give Obama and Boehner a chance to ease into their new working relationship. The two men have a friendly rapport based on a shared interest in golf, but are not personally close.     

Boehner said the meeting with Obama will give them a chance to "figure out how we make all the current tax rates permanent so we can help end the uncertainty that's stopping employers from hiring more people; talk about how we can reduce spending to pre-bailout, pre-stimulus levels."

Republicans want to make permanent a set of tax cuts enacted under former President George W. Bush that are set to expire at the end of the year.

Boehner also told reporters at the Capitol that he intends to forgo the use of a military plane when he serves as Speaker in the 112th Congress.

Prefacing his remark with the fact that he's flown back and forth to his district for the past 20 years on "commercial aircraft," Boehner said he is "going to continue to do so."

The use of a military jet was a point of controversy for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D), who has used the security precautions afforded to House Speakers for travel between her California district and Washington.

Boehner said that he's talked with the House sergeant at arms about new security concerns in his new role as second in the line of succession, but intends to fly on commercial airplanes.

Moments before arriving at the microphones, Pelosi walked through the marble-floored passageway en route to her Capitol office suite.

Pelosi was also invited to participate in the White House meeting next week.