Boehner is upbeat on the morning after

Members of the House GOP conference who were told to stay close to the Capitol until nearly 11 p.m. Thursday night, when leadership finally said that the vote anticipated on the debt-limit proposal would be postponed.

“He’s a happy warrior today,” Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) told The Hill of BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerJim Jordan as Speaker is change America needs to move forward Paul Ryan’s political purgatory Republicans fear retribution for joining immigration revolt MORE’s mood following the 10 a.m. special conference meeting – the fifth such meeting in as many days.

As he walked passed a microphone-laced podium and bank of TV news cameras in the Capitol basement, Boehner smiled and said “Hi everybody, good morning!”

Reporters asked, “Got a deal? Got the votes?”

Boehner replied, “I’m smiling.”

Reporters persisted. “But do you have the votes?”

“You’re going to have to ask the whip,” Boehner said coyly, as he made his way to the bank of elevators closest to his Capitol office suites.

Participants at the meeting said that Boehner and the GOP leadership team seemed to have garnered at least the 216 votes needed to pass the measure and send it to the Senate, as early as Friday afternoon.