Protesters to target Boehner's office

More than 3,000 protesters plan to congregate at House Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) office Thursday, demanding the lawmaker listen to them about the state of the economy.
The group, organized by activist organizations including OurDC and, is the same one responsible for organizing sit-ins in 99 lawmakers' offices on Tuesday, reportedly with little success.

"After attempting to meet with their representatives, only to have the doors of Congress slammed in their faces and after taking to K Street and declaring it '99% Street,' the more than 3,000 unemployed men and women from around the country will converge on the Capitol today and take the fight to the spokesperson in Congress for the 1%: Speaker John Boehner," according to a protest statement Thursday.
Thursday morning, 50 protesters also gathered outside Boehner's house on Capitol Hill, where Capitol Police formed a barricade to bar them from the approaching the building, the statement added.
“These folks have traveled from across the country,” protest spokesman Mike Uehlein told The Hill Tuesday. “They’re calling on their congressional leaders to take actions on the jobs crisis.”

Several dozen individuals also targeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) office in the Russell Senate Office Building on Tuesday but were denied a meeting with the lawmaker.

Capitol Police made one arrest as a result of Tuesday's protests; an activist was detained in the Longworth House Office Building for unlawful entry, according to a Capitol Police source.

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