Boehner raises $4M over August recess

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has raised nearly $4 million dollars since the House broke for August recess, according to figures provided by a Boehner political aide.

The highest-ranking elected Republican has wasted little time barnstorming the country, traveling 9,126 miles and holding 47 events over the last 23 days.

The effort highlights Boehner's press to retain the House GOP majority since regaining it in 2010.

The Boehner political team considers 50 House seats to be in play -- nearly two dozen of which they believe are "offensive opportunities," the aide explained in an email to The Hill.

Those estimates include seats in North Carolina, Utah and Kentucky, as well as "pickup opportunities” in “orphan seats” in Illinois, California and New York.

In his August campaign blitz, Boehner exploited President Obama's "you didn't build that" remark, using it to "both define Obama and contrast him with Romney and set up the final legislative battles of 2012," the aide said.

Obama made the remark in a stump speech when explaining how businesses benefit from government investments in infrastructure, but Republicans have jumped on the remarks as dismissive of the private sector.

The Speaker will expand on his efforts to protect the House majority at a luncheon with reporters in Tampa on Monday, where he will be attending the Republican National Convention. 

Boehner spokesman Kevin Smith that the lunch will take place, despite the GOP's decision to cancel official convention events on Monday due to concerns over Tropical Storm Isaac.

The storm which battered the Caribbean this weekend is gaining strength as it heads towards Florida and the Gulf coast. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, however, said Sunday that organizers would be ready to move ahead on Tuesday and would release an updated schedule of convention events.