Hoyer announces bid to stay on as Democratic whip

The top three positions in Democratic leadership will probably stay the same, with Pelosi, Hoyer and James Clyburn (S.C.) leading the way into two years of complex legislative maneuvering.

The Democrats' leadership elections are scheduled for Nov. 29.

Lawmakers face a weighty agenda in the next Congress, with eyes on a comprehensive deficit-reduction package that is expected to include a tax overhaul and entitlement reform.

Hoyer, who is known as a consensus builder on Capitol Hill, said he is committed to working with the Senate and House Republicans.

"Democrats will work to find common ground where we can so that we can create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and pursue responsible deficit reduction and fiscal balance," he said.

"Americans are ready for the bickering to stop, and to see leadership on the problems they face in their daily lives. I believe we can, and will, show that leadership."