Freshman lawmaker calls Kerry 'used car salesman'

"Secretary Kerry sounded more like a used car salesman than he did the Secretary of State," Mullin said as he left the briefing.

Mullin hoped to learn more about the people who would benefit in Syria, but Kerry and the other high-ranking administration officials stuck to the scripted argument designed to convince Congress of the President's case for action in Syria.

"These are two sides that don't like us, and they're fighting each other.. which side are we going to help - I can't figure that one out – and that's what I was hoping they would at least put some clarity to ... and still I can't see it," the lawmaker said.

Exasperated, Mullin decried Kerry's continual "used car salesman" pitch to the auditorium of lawmakers.

"They were speaking on talking points ... and stuck with it," Mullin said, adding, "there's not one single thing that we learned in that meeting that you haven't reported on."