Waxman confirms: No healthcare vote before recess

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) on Wednesday confirmed that the chamber will break for the August recess without voting on a healthcare bill.

Emerging from a leadership meeting, Waxman said it is his expectation that the House will adjourn on Friday without considering long-stalled healthcare legislation. But he said he will resume his markup of the bill at 4 p.m. Wednesday, even though a week’s worth of discussions with seven Blue Dogs on his committee has not yielded an agreement.

“We will continue with our markup with the expectation that we are going to report the bill out on Friday,” Waxman said.

Asked if he expected Blue Dogs to offer amendments, Waxman responded: “We’ll take up amendments as members are recognized.”

Earlier in the day, the seven Energy and Commerce Blue Dogs who have held up the bill over a wide range of disagreements stated that they had not reached a “final agreement” with Waxman, but said they were prepared to offer amendments if the markup resumed.

Blue Dog leaders said they had struck a deal with Waxman and House leaders to allow the markup to resume if, in exchange, leaders would guarantee that the House would adjourn for the month of August without bringing a healthcare bill to the floor.