GOP: Obama playing 'fast and loose with the facts'

President Obama has played "fast and loose with the facts" in the debate over healthcare reform, Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.) argued in the GOP's weekly radio address on Saturday.

Drawing on his experience as a physician, Price asserted that the president's efforts to combat alleged misinformation in the debate over his health proposals have only spread more misinformation.

"As opposition to the Democrats’ government-run health plan is mounting, the president has said he’d like to stamp out some of the disinformation floating around out there," Price said. "The problem is the president, himself, plays fast and loose with the facts."

Price reiterated Republican arguments that the Obama-backed reforms would force Americans into a government-run healthcare system, and would endanger the right of citizens to choose their own healthcare plan.

"But perhaps the most striking misinformation the president has put forth is that there are only two options out there for America -- that it’s his way or the highway," Price said. "The truth is there is a third way -- a better way, a patient-centered way to reform healthcare."

The GOP plan would bring down costs and increase coverage while putting patients in greater control of their care, argued Price, the head of the House conservatives' policy committee.

Price also vowed that Republicans would continue to work with Obama after the president called out GOP leaders in Congress this week, saying that they'd consciously chosen to oppose any of his healthcare proposals for political gain.

"With people on the left, and the right, and everywhere in between dissatisfied with the process, it’s time that we start over to create a truly bipartisan solution that puts patients in charge," Price said. "We look forward to working with the president, and on behalf of the American people, to make patient-centered health reform a reality."