Sunlight Foundation’s list of rushed legislation in 2009


Time it took to pass

H.R. 3631 Medicare Premium Fairness Act
7 hours
H.R. 3617 Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2009 10 hours
H.R. 3607 Fiscal Year 2010 Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act 38 hours
H.R. 3614 To provide for an additional temporary 
extension of programs under the Small Business Act and the Small Business Investment Act 
of 1958, and for other purposes.  5 hours
S. 1547 Zero Tolerance for Veterans Homelessness Act of 2009 
10 hours
H.R. 3357 To restore sums to the Highway Trust Fund, and for other purposes. 15 hours
H.R. 3330 Improved Oversight by Financial Inspectors General Act of 2009 46 hours
H.R. 3325 WIPA and PABSS Reauthorization Act of 2009 
69 hours
H.R. 2990 Non-Foreign Area Retirement Equity Assurance Act of 2009
 6 hours
H.R. 2751 Consumer Assistance to Recycle
 and Save Act
10 hours
S. 1144 Rural Transit Improvement 
and Flexibility Act of 2009
28 hours
H.R. 1804 Thrift Savings Plan Enhancement Act of 2009  9 hours
H.R. 1586 To impose an additional tax on bonuses received from certain TARP recipients. 
 11 hours
H.R. 1512 Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2009
 12 hours
H.R. 1262 Water Quality Investment Act of 2009 
 31 hours
H.R. 1105 Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009  
H.R. 1 American Recovery and Reinvestment
 Act of 2009  **
S. 328 DTV Delay Act *
H.R. 2 Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 
 22 hours
H.R. 12 Paycheck Fairness Act
H.R. 11 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009
H.R. 36 Presidential Library Donation Reform Act of 2009
H.R. 35 Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2009 *
H.R. 3183 Energy and Water Development 
Related Agencies Appropriations Act
* Due to limitations on congressional data, the exact time this bill was made available cannot be determined at this time, but it was considered in under 72 hours.

** While the initial bill text in the House and the Senate was publicly available for over 72 hours, the final text, in the form of the conference report, was available for under 72 hours.

*** Legislation was considered in the House on Thursday.