GOP resolves to keep after Dem agenda

Republicans called on Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.) to lay out the party’s New Year’s resolutions in the GOP weekly address Thursday night.

Hunter, the son of former Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), resolved to defeat many items still left on the Democrats’ legislative agenda.

“Let’s resolve in the new year to end misguided efforts to create new laws that will cost even more jobs, whether it’s the cap-and-trade national energy tax, the government takeover of healthcare, 'card check,' or even more tax increases,” he said.

Hunter’s remarks come the evening of the Senate passage of one the Democrats’ most pressing legislative items, healthcare reform legislation.

Senate Republicans on Thursday vowed to defeat the bill despite the House and Senate passage of separate bills.

The healthcare overhaul will head to conference, where it will be merged together after lawmakers return from holiday recess.

Hunter also stressed that Republicans will fight for their own legislative measures, such as an alternative healthcare proposal, an “all of the above” energy plan and job-creation measures. 

“These solutions do not raise taxes, grow government or add to the already skyrocketing debt burden being placed on our kids and grandkids,” Hunter said.

The former Marine who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan offered a message to the troops for the holiday season.

“I know we all wish everyone could be home for the holidays, but this is not a time for sadness or regret,” he said. “Thoughts of home remind us of why we serve: because we’re proud to be Americans.”

Hunter also recognized that the holiday season will be tougher for the unemployed.

“I hope we also take a moment this year to reflect on those suffering here at home,” he said. “For too many families, this will be a difficult Christmas.”

But the congressman offered hope that “we can make the next holiday season even brighter for all Americans.”