Reps. Steve King and Michele Bachmann to share press staffer

Staunch conservative GOP Reps. Michele BachmannMichele Marie BachmannYes, condemn Roseanne, but ignoring others is true hypocrisy Bachmann won't run for Franken's Senate seat because she did not hear a 'call from God' Billboard from ‘God’ tells Michele Bachmann not to run for Senate MORE (Minn.) and Steve King (Iowa) are pooling resources to co-hire a press secretary.

Sergio Gor, a Capitol Hill neophyte, was recently hired by Bachmann. He will soon join King’s office as a part-time staffer as well.

Both Bachmann and King, who have recently organized Tea Party rallies, already have full-time communication directors.

Some staffers call the move unprecedented because Gor will be handling press for two different lawmakers, getting paid from their personal offices as well as campaign funds.

Though some members hire “shared employees,” those individuals typically work on administrative issues such as keeping the books for or setting up a member’s office.

According to Bachmann’s communications director, Dave Dziok, Gor is now working solely for the North Star State Republican — but that will change in the near future.

“Right now he’s part-time official and part-time campaign for Bachmann’s office alone. He has not been hired by King’s office yet. Ideally it will work out where his time is divided between both offices,” Dziok explained.

According to a source familiar with the situation, it took several months to get the go-ahead from the ethics committee and the House Administration Committee.

Gor previously worked for the Washington News Observer, a nonpartisan media outlet that interviews newsmakers on camera and covers major events.