GOP insists 'America Speaking Out' Web project unrelated to 2010 campaign

The GOP also said their new website, aimed at inviting the public to offer ideas and suggestions for legislation, will not lead to a new “Contract with America” that Republicans could use to win support.

“This is not about candidates, this is not about an election, this is about today,” GOP Chief Deputy Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) told reporters. McCarthy heads the new Republican website effort.

Democrats have criticized the project because it is being paid for by taxpayer-funded dollars from the GOP leadership office. The website is being used to discuss possible legislation that would limit the size of government and strengthen national defense, among other things.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) tasked McCarthy with heading the project aimed at gathering ideas for GOP lawmakers to introduce as legislation this year.

“This is about listening to people today,” Boehner said. “I would expect ideas to come out of this website and the involvement of our members will lead to ideas that we can attempt to implement today.”

Boehner said America Speaking Out was separate from a GOP effort to create an agenda they would work to accomplish if the minority party makes big gains in the fall.

Asked if that was a separate effort from America Speaking Out, Boehner replied “very separate.”

GOP Conference Chairman Mike Pence (Ind.) described America Speaking Out as a “dialogue and discussion” available to all members of the public interested in solving the problems facing the U.S. government.

Boehner and McCarthy predicted GOP lawmakers would start introducing bills based on some of the ideas shared on the website “within weeks.”