Bill Maher compares Republican Party to trolls

Bill Maher on Friday had a characteristic colorful proposal for the Republican Party: Change your party symbol to a troll.

“That’s all they are now: trolls,” he said on his HBO show “Real Time.” “People who get off on provoking other people who are trying to have an adult conversation.”


He proposed a switch from the GOP elephant to a troll doll, characterized by pointed hair that stands on end.

According to Maher, an outspoken liberal who frequently criticizes the GOP, Republican lawmakers don’t care about policy anymore; they just want the “other side” to “shed liberal tears.”

“They’re the Democrats’ crazy ex-girlfriend,” he joked.

He added that President Trump’s tweets are a prime tool for “trolling.”

“The tweets are the whole point. Governing is the distraction,” according to Maher.

Maher offered as examples Trump continuing to criticize his former opponent, Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonTrump adds to legal team after attacks on Mueller Press: You can’t believe a word he says Feehery: March Madness MORE, even though she’s not running for office.

He argued that Trump only announced a change to the military’s policy allowing transgender people to serve because he wanted to make people mad.

“You think Trump cares who serves in our military? As long as it’s not him he’s good,” Maher said.

He also accused the Trump administration of not caring whether the Environmental Protection Agency protects water quality.

“They’re happy to poison their children if it’ll make Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreKim Jong Un’s killer Trump trap Cuomo: 'Offshore drilling is a really, really dumb idea' Left-wing, right-wing: The case for realignment of political labels MORE sad,” Maher said of the former vice president and climate change advocate.

“Ten years ago trolls weren’t even a thing or if they were we had a different word for them: sadist. Now they run the country,” Maher concluded.