House GOP OKs '06 'vision statement'

House Republicans yesterday approved a “vision statement” for their party on the same day their majority leader, Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), gave them a list of legislation adhering to his four major themes for 2006.

The statement, a Boehner initiative carried about by a small group of GOP lawmakers, was approved during the morning conference meeting. It reads: “We will promote the dignity and future of every individual by building a free society under a limited, accountable government that protects our liberty, security and prosperity for a brighter American Dream.”

The majority leader’s office sent the list to member offices yesterday. It is intended to fit under the themes he introduced March 16, but no timeline was offered for bills that have not yet been introduced.

Much of the legislation listed in the agenda has either been passed or is part of the annual appropriations and authorization process. The rest is listed below:

• Spending America’s Taxpayer Dollars Wisely: an annual budget resolution, a line-item veto and a sunset commission to review federal agencies.

• Keeping America Prosperous: tax extenders, worker pension protection (conference report), telecommunications reform and a GOP “Path Toward American Energy Independence.”

• Ensure Affordable Health Care: expanding health savings accounts, medical liability reforms and improving health information technology.

• Strengthen National Security & Border Security: strengthening port security, post-Katrina emergency-preparedness reforms and emergency supplemental appropriations (conference report).

• Additional Legislative Initiatives the House is Expected to Consider: marriage-protection amendment, flag-burning constitutional amendment, Voting Rights Act renewal, Internet tax moratorium, financial- and consumer-data protection and the Children’s Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act.