Schiavo PAC makes endorsement

TerriPAC, created by Michael Schiavo after the controversial right-to-life case involving his brain damaged wife, Terri, has endorsed Hillsborough County Commissioner Kathy Castor (D) in Florida’s 11th Congressional District.

Castor is vying for the seat left vacant by Rep. Jim Davis (D-Fla.), who is leaving Congress to run for governor. Castor is leading in money with $392,089 on hand. Her closest rival, state Sen. Les Miller (D) had $173,209 on hand at year’s end.

Michael Schiavo recently met Castor and came away impressed, prompting the TerriPAC endorsement. In a statement, he said, “Kathy Castor has proven she will take the lead and stand up for our privacy and freedom and against powerful interests.”

TerriPAC is due to endorse candidates in the Florida governor’s race soon, as well as congressional races in California, Pennsylvania, Colorado and elsewhere.