Sestak's mixed signals

Pennsylvania Democratic congressional candidate Joe Sestak sent out conflicting fundraising pitches this month after his opponent, Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.), questioned Sestak’s choice of hospitals for his cancer stricken daughter.

The confusion began after Weldon told The Hill that Sestak should have sent his daughter, who is battling brain cancer, to a children’s hospital in Philadelphia or Delaware rather than in Washington, D.C.

Liberal-leaning blogs ridiculed Weldon’s remarks and directed readers to Sestak’s campaign website, which they overwhelmed with messages, said Allison Price, Sestak’s new spokeswoman.

Late on April 7, Sestak posted a message on several of the blogs, including, asking donors to “consider sending future contributions … to any of the excellent hospitals that are on the front line in the fight to eradicate pediatric cancer and brain tumors.”

But early that morning, Sestak’s aides had sent an e-mail to supporters asking for money for his election campaign.

Price said Sestak accepts responsibility for the conflicting pitches even though the earlier e-mail was sent without his consent. He learned about it the next day.

“Mistakes happen in campaigns because things are moving too fast,” Price said.

Weldon declined to comment.