Rep. Chabot cries foul on Dem attacks

Democrats and a left-leaning group are going after Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) on the new Medicare prescription-drug benefit in the hopes of defeating the sixth-term lawmaker this November.

However, there is one problem with their strategy: Chabot voted against the 2003 bill that created the benefit.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is focusing on the drug benefit in Chabot’s district. Meanwhile, Working America, an AFL-CIO-affiliated group, has been spreading the message that Chabot voted for the drug bill.

“Steve Chabot voted for a prescription-drug program that has the drug companies and HMO industry laughing all the way to the bank,” Working America says in an automated phone call to constituents.

In a release, Chabot said, “These front groups for the Washington labor bosses … have a complete disregard for the truth. Next thing they’ll be saying that I’m throwing senior citizens out of their homes and stealing candy from children.”

“It is completely dishonest to imply that Chabot supported the Medicare bill that was passed by Congress,” said Gary Lindgren, Chabot’s chief of staff. “It’s a coordinated DCCC attack.”

DCCC spokesman Bill Burton said that the group has not suggested that Chabot voted for the bill.