Pelosi, Hoyer praise House CAO for demanding toxin tests at childcare center

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) yesterday praised Daniel Beard, chief administrative officer of the House, who has called for testing for toxins at the House Child Care Center.

“We applaud your decision to ask the House Superintendent to immediately conduct testing of the House Child Care Center for radon gas, lead, asbestos and other materials,” Pelosi and Hoyer wrote.

Recently, the Library of Congress’s Little Scholars childcare center was tested for radon, a carcinogenic gas that is present in most soil. An initial test showed radon levels higher than those deemed safe by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The center conducted a second test, which came back at an acceptable level according to EPA standards, and has since vowed to conduct a long-term radon test.

Pelosi and Hoyer underscored the importance of high-quality childcare.

“There is nothing more vital than the quality of care our children receive during their developing years and it is critical that the House Child Care Center be held to the highest possible health standards,” the lawmakers wrote.

The leaders called on Beard to improve the center and eliminate the center’s waiting list, which  “causes preventable anxiety to many families and undermines our ability to attract and retain a first-class workforce.”