White House hails stem cell breakthrough

The White House on Tuesday hailed reports that researchers have found a way to create stem cells from human skin.

Spokeswoman Dana Perino said in a statement that the new findings, unveiled by scientists in the U.S. and Japan, validate President Bush’s viewpoint that stem cell research can be advanced without destroying human embryos.

“The president believes medical problems can be solved without compromising either the high aims of science or the sanctity of human life,” Perino stated. “We will continue to encourage scientists to expand the frontiers of stem cell research and continue to advance the understanding of human biology in an ethically responsible way.”

Scientists expressed hope that the new research will attract federal funding because it could remove the political element from the debate. Experts believe that stem cell research could lead to the cure of many illnesses.

The White House pointed out that one of the studies announced Tuesday was funded in part by the National Institutes of Health, in a program “operating under the president’s stem cell policy.”