Fossella’s resignation not imminent, spokesperson says

Reports that Rep. Vito Fossella’s (R-N.Y.) resignation is imminent are incorrect, according to the lawmaker’s public relations firm.

A spokesperson at O'Reilly Strategic Communications told The Hill that Fossella has no public appearances planned this weekend and that he spent Friday with his family on Staten Island.

Earlier Friday WNBC New York political reporter Jay DeDapper set speculation into a frenzy when he cited “several top New York Republicans” as saying Fossella’s resignation will come “within the next 72 hours.”

DeDapper said on his political blog that Fossella’s resignation could even come as early as Friday evening but will come sometime before Monday morning.

According to the New York State Board of Elections, all major party candidates vying for U.S. Congressional or Senate seats from New York have until July 10 to return petitions for the Sept. 9 primary election.