Obama: 'Just a matter of time' for Gadhafi

President Obama said Tuesday that NATO intervention in Libya is making progress, and that he expects Moammar Gadhafi to leave power.

Obama, speaking at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said "the progress that has been made in Libya is significant."

The president's remarks came as Gadhafi, in a reported audio recording, said that he will not leave power, and is prepared to fight to the death.

Germany's decision to not participate in the NATO campaign against Gadhafi has caused tension with the U.S. Obama said Tuesday that he and Merkel both "believe that Gadhafi needs to step down for the sake of his own people."

The president appeared to try to give Merkel some leeway, saying that Germany's role and "additional responsibilities" in Afghanistan have "freed up" U.S. resources to stop the massacres in Libya.

Still, Obama seemed to be putting pressure on Merkel and Germany to step up and get involved, economially after Gadhafi leaves power.

"My expectation has been that there will be full and robust support from Germany," Obama said.