FBI: No bomb aboard plane at Reagan airport

The FBI, along with the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration, is investigating a possible bomb on board a plane that landed at Washington's Reagan National Airport on Sunday.

There are “allegations of a bomb” onboard US Airways flight 2596, which flew from Dayton, Ohio, to Reagan and landed safely at Reagan airport, spokeswoman Lindsay Godwin said.

“The FBI's Washington Field Office National Capital Response Squad and other law enforcement have isolated the plane and are interviewing the 44 passengers who were aboard while FBI bomb experts sweep the plane,” she said.

“The person who made the threat did so in person at the ticket counter in the Dayton airport. That person is in custody and undergoing investigation. The plane was closer to Reagan National at the time the threat was received, prompting officials to let the plane proceed,” she said.

UPDATE 4:57 p.m.:

The FBI has completed its sweep of the plane and found nothing hazardous onboard, FBI Godwin said.