Capitol Police: X-ray machines not hazardous

The status and upkeep of the X-ray machines was under investigation by the Office of Compliance earlier this year, after a police officer filed a complaint alleging that many of the machines that can emit cancer-causing radiation had gone beyond their biannual inspection deadlines.

The department recently issued a memo to officers saying that the Office of Compliance “found no violation of [Occupation Safety and Health Administration] standards and that no hazardous conditions existed.”

The machines are used at building entrances to check bags and personal items for weapons and other threatening materials.

“After reviewing the documentation provided by the USCP, the Office of Compliance confirmed that the Department adheres to an established schedule and performs appropriate monitoring to assure the x-ray cabinets meet the manufacturer’s safety requirements,” the notice states.

The Hill reported earlier this year that Capitol Police management allegedly told the officer who filed the complaint that the notices of inspection on the X-ray machines were inaccurate and obsolete, and that the department had instead switched to an internal inspection log.