Protesters arrested

Three women and a man were escorted from the House gallery Wednesday afternoon after creating a disturbance.

The women were part of an anti-war group called Declaration of Peace, who removed their black shirts to reveal shirts with protest slogans on them underneath. They yelled toward the House floor until the Capitol police came and took them away.

A man in an orange jumpsuit was also escorted out as well.

All three women were arrested. One, Toby Blome, has been arrested before in Washington, D.C. for protesting. Her husband, Fred Bialy, explained that their group came to Capitol Hill to be part of a procession to honor the dead U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

“I think she believes it was [worth it] although she believes she shouldn’t have been arrested for expressing her 1st amendment rights,” Bialy said, adding, “I’m glad she spoke out for her beliefs. I’m proud of her.”