Castle to suffer no lasting effects from strokes

After suffering two small strokes Saturday morning, Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) is expected to make a “full and complete recovery,” according to his deputy chief of staff, Elizabeth Wenk.

Castle awoke Saturday at his beach house feeling dizzy and nauseous, so after talking to his wife, Jane, he called 911 and was taken to Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, Del.

Then, as a precautionary measure, he was flown in a helicopter to Christiana Care Hospital where he underwent a series of tests, including MRIs, Saturday and Sunday.

The strokes occurred in the section of the brain called the thalamus, the area that controls the ability to feel sensation.

“The doctors believe he will not have any lasting or sustained effects,” Wenk said in a statement Monday.

She also noted that the congressman is feeling much better.

“[Castle] is making great progress — communicating, speaking, asking about his favorite sports teams and joking with his friends,” she said.