Barrasso: Obama broke 'code of the West' on spending, healthcare vows

Sen. John BarrassoJohn Anthony BarrassoSenate panel unanimously approves water infrastructure bill Senate GOP urges Trump administration to work closely with Congress on NAFTA Watchdog to probe EPA email preservation MORE (R-Wyo.) charged that President Obama and congressional Democrats “have broken their promises” on federal spending and healthcare, tapping into two issues that may determine whether Obama faces a divided government during the last two years of his first term in office.

“The Code of the West says ‘when you make a promise, keep it,’” Barrasso said in leading off this week’s Republican address.

Calling Obama’s policies “irresponsible and unsustainable,” Barrasso and Republicans overall are trying to tie Democratic candidates this year to the president’s policies during his first two years in office.

Barrasso used the latest federal job figures released Friday – the last that will be released before the midterm election Nov. 2 – to underscore his argument that last year’s Democratic economic stimulus package Obama signed into law has not worked.

“The White House promised that massive federal spending would keep the unemployment rate below 8 percent,” he said. “Instead what taxpayers got was $800 billion in new debt and nearly 10 percent unemployment.”

Friday’s jobs data indicated the unemployment rate in September stayed at 9.6 percent, as 95,000 jobs were lost.

“48 states have lost jobs,” Barrasso said. “Friday’s job figures confirm that far too many Americans are still looking for work.”

Barrasso – a former orthopedic surgeon – also alleges “broken healthcare promises” from Obama.

“At the time of his inauguration, President Obama talked about how the American people had entrusted him with a great responsibility to keep the public’s trust,” Barrasso said. “The president has failed to keep his promises on jobs, on spending and on healthcare. Frankly, very little trust remains.”

Barrasso also touted the recently announce Republican “Pledge to America,” which he said is a pledge to “prevent tax hikes, to reduce federal spending, and to work every day to repeal the massive new healthcare law and replace it with common-sense reforms that lower costs.”