Sessions makes case for GOP control

Sen. Jeff SessionsJefferson (Jeff) Beauregard SessionsChris Christie compares Mueller investigation to 'Bridgegate' probe Oakland mayor fires back at Trump: ‘It’s my duty to protect my residents’ McCabe lawyer fires back at Trump: 'You need to stop lying’ MORE (R-Ala.) said Republicans could rein in government spending while their Democratic counterparts have failed to do so.

In the GOP weekly address on Saturday, Sessions, the Senate Budget Committee’s ranking member, said President Obama has not rallied the country behind the cause of deficit reduction.

“The American people see the financial chaos. They know it must stop. They know their families are at risk. And that their country is in danger,” Sessions said. “Yet the president does not rally the country to action. Instead, he says our debt course is nothing to worry about. He continues to insist that his budget plan will pay down the debt.”

Sessions also criticized the Democratic-controlled Senate for not passing a budget resolution this year.

“How can they ask the American people to send them one more dime in new taxes when they won’t even meet their legal duty to write a financial plan and tell how that money will be spent?” Sessions said.

Sessions praised the House-passed budget plan, which he said would do more to reduce the deficit compared to Obama’s proposal, adding that his party could bring Washington under control.

“If given the chance, Republicans will get this government under control. A Republican Senate will pass a budget. Failure is not an option,” Sessions said, saying his party was for less government and less spending in an appeal to voters.

“We believe in growing the economy, not the bureaucracy. We believe in helping more people live good and prosperous lives. We believe in preventing the safety net from becoming a restraint. We believe in lifting people onto the employment rolls instead of leaving them on the welfare rolls,” Sessions said. “These are the facts. The case is in your hands.”