MLB sports agent wants Congress to crack down on racist taunts

MLB sports agent wants Congress to crack down on racist taunts
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A sports agent who represents many Major League Baseball players called on Congress to pass legislation that would give teams the power to penalize fans for directing racist remarks toward players, according to a Wednesday report. 

“I think we’d get unanimity among legislators to create a bill that would put teeth into what teams could do with the license they are given,” Scott Boras said in an interview with the sports site. “If you run on the field, that trespass gets you jail time and a criminal act. Why shouldn’t conduct of this nature get obviously a greater penalty, because it has worse damages?”

Boras said congressional legislation is needed after fans berated Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones at Fenway Park this week with racist taunts, even throwing a bag of peanuts at him while he was in the dugout. 

“We’ve got children of the next generation in those ballparks. We need legislative and congressional action so that the awareness of this provides an appropriate penalty for the crime, to give the owners and teams the ability to make conduct from fans criminal so that there is a real benefit to this newfound resolve,” he continued.

“Jackie Robinson carried the torch of our game as a spokesperson to help initiate Civil Rights legislation. This awareness needs to trigger legislation,” Boras added.

Nez Balelo, Jones's agent, told the sports site Wednesday that he and Jones will continue to press clubs to implement policies to “protect these players and stop this type of reckless behavior.”

Boras's comments come after Jones said the punishments for such treatment need to be more severe, even saying they should pay tens of thousands of dollars for such conduct.