Schumer rips Gingrich for comparing FBI raid of Trump lawyer to Nazi secret police

Schumer rips Gingrich for comparing FBI raid of Trump lawyer to Nazi secret police
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Senate Minority Leader Charles SchumerCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerDems must stop picking foxes to guard the financial hen house Schumer warns 'House moderates' against immigration compromise bill Trump knocks Schumer, touts North Korea summit in early morning tweet MORE (D-N.Y.) ripped former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R) for comparing the actions of FBI agents to those of the secret police during the Nazi era.

"The Gestapo rounded up and helped murder millions of Jews," Schumer tweeted. "The FBI did not. Do not ever ever try to equate the two."

Gingrich tore into the FBI during an interview on Fox News, after agents raided the office of Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

"This whole thing is an absurdity. We've now had Paul Manafort and his wife in their pajamas at 3 in the morning having the FBI break down the door," he said on Wednesday, referring to an FBI raid last year at the home of Trump's former campaign manager. "Cohen, the lawyer, had the door taken off of the hinges at 6 in the morning."

Gingrich said the U.S. is supposed to have a "rule of law."

"It ain't the rule of law when they kick in your door at 3 in the morning and you're faced with armed men. And you have had no reason to be told you're going to have that kind of treatment," he continued. "That's Stalin. That's the Gestapo in Germany. That shouldn't be the American FBI."

The FBI earlier this week raided the office of Cohen and seized emails, tax documents and records related to his payment to adult-film star Stormy Daniels.

Cohen's lawyer, Stephen Ryan, said in a statement earlier this week that federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained a search warrant after receiving a referral "in part" from special counsel Robert Mueller

Trump was reportedly enraged after the raid and a report earlier this week said he is considering firing Deputy Attorney General Rod RosensteinRod Jay RosensteinGowdy: House will use 'full arsenal' of constitutional weapons to get DOJ, FBI compliance on subpoenas Bannon says Trump should fire Rosenstein if he doesn’t comply with subpoenas James Comey's higher disloyalty to America MORE.