McCain: Healthcare bill would make matters worse

Sen. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainMcCain rips Trump for attacks on press NSA spying program overcomes key Senate hurdle Meghan McCain says her father regrets opposition to MLK Day MORE (R-Ariz.) said in the weekly GOP address that the health reform bill crafted by Democrats would do little to resolve healthcare problems in the U.S. and that Republicans have offered better solutions.

"The best thing government could do to ensure more Americans have access to healthcare insurance is to institute reforms that would rein in costs and make healthcare more affordable for more Americans," McCain said. "Regrettably, there’s nothing in this legislation that effectively addresses the problem of healthcare hyperinflation – in fact, experts tells us the Democrat legislation makes matters worse."

The Senate will begin its attempt to wrap up its healthcare debate over the weekend and early next week, with a series of votes on final amendments and procedural measures on the bill.

McCain blasted the bill as a costly and partisan move to reshape a large portion of the American economy.

"According to the government’s own healthcare scorekeepers, the bill will increase the cost of healthcare as well as the health insurance premiums Americans pay to cover healthcare inflation," he said ahead of the Congressional Budget Office's expected release of its score of the latest iteration of the Senate health bill this weekend.

He also echoed GOP complaints that they've been left out of the process, with few lawmakers actually having had the opportunity to see the legislation they'll vote on.

“Contrary to assurances from the White House and the Democratic leadership in Congress, the process Democrats used to write the bill was anything but open and bipartisan," McCain said. "It was an exercise in legislative sausage-making conducted behind closed doors without the participation of Republicans."

He made a last-minute plea for listeners to implore their senators to oppose the bill, as well.

"The hour is late, but there’s still time to stop Congress from making this terrible mistake," McCain said. "Contact your senators and representatives today, and urge them and the White House not to make our healthcare problems worse, but to start working with committed members of both parties to make the best quality healthcare in the world more affordable and accessible to the people who elected us."