Brown: 'Quite a story' behind Dem gubernatorial losses

Brown: 'Quite a story' behind Dem gubernatorial losses
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California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said in an interview broadcast early Sunday that a number of factors have contributed to Democratic gubernatorial losses.

"Well, that's quite a story," Brown said on NBC's "Meet The Press" when asked by host Chuck Todd how the Democrats got into this "mess."

"A number of factors," Brown added.

The California Democrat said strong Republican opposition was a factor.

"The barrage, the relentless drumbeat of opposition that's been well financed by the Koch brothers, by other Republican activists," he said. "That's been effective."

Brown added that ObamaCare was "stigmatized," saying that the healthcare law was very large and new, which posed problems.

"And I think also just the historic turn," he said.

"You know, if you look at George Bush, Sr.; he was followed by Clinton; Clinton was followed by Bush; Bush followed by Obama; Obama, now we didn't get Hillary, we got Trump. So the wheels of fortune in politics turn."

The nature of politics, he said, is that "swing of the pendulum."

"It is definitely already swinging back toward a non-Republican kind of future," he added.

His comments come after West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced during a rally with President Trump last week that he was leaving the Democratic Party and joining the GOP.

Following Justice's decision, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) said West Virginians can't trust Justice, adding that he will always put his "financial interests above the needs of West Virginians."