West Virginia teacher strike plows on into Tuesday

West Virginia teacher strike plows on into Tuesday
© Brad McElhinny/WV Metro News

The West Virginia teachers strike will reportedly drag into Tuesday as no deal has been reached in the state Senate, bringing the strike in line with the longest in state history.

The strike over low wages and increasing health insurance costs began on Feb. 22.

Days ago, the governor and union leaders had agreed that teachers and other state employees would get a 5-percent raise. The state House approved the agreement, but the Senate passed a 4-percent raise instead.


The teachers said they will not return to work unless they get the agreed upon amount.

Legislators are working to come up with the money to meet the teachers’ demands, but the chambers cannot seem to agree on a path forward.

While a conference committee created to bring the House and Senate together behind a united plan still plans to meet Monday night, the House has reportedly announced another meeting for Tuesday morning.

The pay for West Virginia teachers starts at about $33,000 a year, and about 700 classrooms don’t have certified full-time teachers, according to The Associated Press.

Public schools in the state’s 55 counties will stay closed until the strike is resolved.

The closures affect nearly 270,000 students and 35,000 employees.