Sunday show wrap-up: One last pitch before NH

Sunday show wrap-up: One last pitch before NH
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2016 RACE

Christie: 'I think the whole race changed last night'   “You can’t trust Senator Rubio to be the nominee of this party," Christie said.

Christie defends his attack against Rubio   "He's a good guy but he is not ready to be president of the United States."

Rubio on repeated Obama attacks: 'I would pay them to keep running that clip'   "ObamaCare was not an accident. Dodd-Frank was not an accident."

Clinton: I’m tougher on Wall Street than Sanders   "They are grabbing at straws to make this case.”

Clinton promises to release Wall Street transcripts if opponents do the same   "Sometimes, you know, these rules need to apply to everybody," she said.

Sanders indifferent on Clinton Wall Street transcripts   "I think the decision as to whether or not to release it is her decision."

Clinton bemoans 'double standard' when it comes to women shouting   “I know it. Every woman I know knows it.”

Clinton blasts Sanders for lack of foreign policy advisers   Clinton contrasted Sanders with a former rival, then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008.

Sanders defends foreign policy chops   "The issue here is not just experience, the issue is judgment," he said.

Sanders ‘impressed by the quality’ of Obama’s foreign policy   Sanders also pointed to his vote against the Iraq War.

Sanders 'astounded’ by attacks from Clinton ally   “Let’s remember who David Brock is: he is a political attack dog,” Sanders said.

Trump disputes claim that he's tougher on women reporters   Trump fired back against an article in The Washington Post.

Trump: Bush family used eminent domain to build a baseball park   "I just found that out five minutes ago.”

Bush steps up eminent domain attack on Trump   "He doesn't sound like a conservative when he embraces eminent domain."

Kasich hits back against 'Obama Republican' characterization   "There's nobody who's balanced as many budgets as I have," he said.



Carville: ‘Ludicrous’ to suspect criminality in Clinton email drama   “This is in no way like a crime,” Carville said.



NIH exec: Zika poses 'great concern' for Olympics   But he predicted a vaccine is within reach.