Sunday show wrap-up: 2016 race dominates

Sunday show wrap-up: 2016 race dominates
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2016 RACE

Trump: Republicans 'should be unified'   He emphasized that the GOP has been "building up numbers that are incredible."

Trump: US has 'become very weak and ineffective'   Trump on Sunday defended his stance on torture.

Limbaugh on Trump: Much bigger upside than downside   He said the divide in the GOP is “longer, broader, wider than I have ever seen it."

Cruz: Media is sitting on bombshells about Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpIvanka Trump pens op-ed on kindergartners learning tech Bharara, Yates tamp down expectations Mueller will bring criminal charges Overnight Cybersecurity: Equifax security employee left after breach | Lawmakers float bill to reform warrantless surveillance | Intel leaders keeping collusion probe open MORE   Cruz said reports are planned later in the year to tear Trump apart.

Graham says Cruz has 'made the best case' that he can beat Trump   "The best thing I think could happen is for the party to unite before Ohio and Florida."

Rubio: Trump not a true conservative   "Either the ideas behind conservatism matter or they do not," Rubio said.

Rubio: I didn't get into this race to 'beat up' on rivals   Rubio is defending the timing of his attacks on Donald Trump.

Kasich defends staying in the race despite losses   "We continue to pick up delegates," he said.

Romney: I'm not a tool for GOP establishment   "Establishment suggests that there must be some 'Wizard of Oz' somewhere pulling the strings."

Romney plays defense on 2012 Trump endorsement   Romney called Trump a "phony" last week.

Romney says he will endorse before convention   Romney said Cruz appears to have an edge in the race currently.

Clinton: 'I've gotten more votes than anybody running on either side'   "I feel really good about where our campaign is," she said, "and where it's going."

Clinton: 'I want to get every voter back'   Clinton was asked about Democrats registering as Republicans to vote for Trump.

Clinton 'delighted' State Dept. staffer cooperating in email probe   "I think that we'll be moving toward a resolution."

Sanders: ‘I think we have a path toward victory’   “I think, geographically, we are looking good."

Sanders: 'Our numbers are getting better and better'   Sanders noted his appeal to young voters.

Poll: Trump up by 19 points in Michigan   Trump would lose to both Clinton and Sanders, however, pollsters found.

CBS poll: Trump holds 15-point lead in Michigan   Trump has 39 percent support ahead of Tuesday's primary.

Clinton holds double-digit lead in Michigan   Her support is wider among likely primary voters than the larger Democratic electorate.

Online poll: Clinton leads by 11 points in Michigan   Clinton has 55 percent of the vote, with Sanders taking 44 percent.

Priebus rejects description of 'hopelessly fractured' GOP   "We're crushing the Democrats," he said, touting record turnout.

RNC chairman on brokered convention: 'I highly doubt it'   "I just don't see that happening."

Gingrich: Contested convention would bring 'civil war' to GOP   "If he wins both Ohio and Florida, it's over," Gingrich said of Trump.

Tony Blair: Europeans anxious about a Trump presidency   "The entertainment value is high."



NYPD counterterrorism chief: Apple is helping 'kidnappers, robbers and murderers'   Law enforcement agencies around the country have decried Apple's efforts.