Supporters see Trump as strong dealmaker

Supporters see Trump as strong dealmaker
© Greg Nash

A majority of President Trump’s supporters says he is a good dealmaker, according to a new CBS News NationTracker poll.

Seventy percent of his supporters say they believe he is good at making legislative deals, while 30 percent say Trump legislates well by ignoring distractions.

Trump’s supporters, most of whom identify as Republicans, say they want him to be a "dealmaker in chief" and to be his “own kind of president.” 

About 80 percent of Trump's believers and soft supporters said the president should be his “own kind of president,” versus the nearly 20 percent who say he should “stick to Republican Party ideas.”

Their insistence not to conform to the party’s values reflects the same sentiment seen in the presidential primaries, when Trump initially gained support by running as an anti-GOP establishment candidate.

YouGov conducted the NationTracker poll of 2,129 voters online between March 15 and March 17. Its margin of error is 2.7 percentage points.