Ingraham: Trump picking fight with Freedom Caucus 'really, really unhelpful'

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham says President TrumpDonald John TrumpTom Arnold claims to have unreleased 'tapes' of Trump Cohen distances himself from Tom Arnold, says they did not discuss Trump US military indefinitely suspends two training exercises with South Korea MORE's decision to "pick a fight" with the conservative House Freedom Caucus will hurt his ability to get his agenda passed.

"I think it is really, really unhelpful to Donald Trump's ultimate agenda to slam the very people who are going to be propping up his border wall, all the things he wants to do on immigration, on trade," Ingraham said during a panel discussion on Fox News’s "Special Report." 

"I don't know where he thinks he's going to get his friends on those issues."

The GOP’s ObamaCare replacement plan was pulled last week after Freedom Caucus members opposed it, as did some centrist Republicans.

Trump called members of the Freedom Caucus "friends of mine" after the bill was pulled last week, but launched a major attack on them Thursday.

In a series of tweets, Trump threatened to back primary challenges against members and blamed three top Freedom Caucus leaders by name for the healthcare bill’s failure.

The Weekly Standard's Steve Hayes, also a Fox News contributor, said Trump going after the Freedom Caucus is "really dumb tactically."

"These are strong, philosophical, constitutional conservatives who have done a lot, I think, over the years to pull the party toward a broader conservative agenda," Hayes said, adding that if the president alienates the Freedom Caucus, his options are limited in terms of gaining the necessary majority support in the House to get bills passed.